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16a. Musk and Twitter Ads

16a. Musk and Twitter Ads

On Caesarism and Twitter Advertising with Astral

Recurring guest Astral joins me for a joint episode (Episode 16) of The Carousel podcast. Recently-Twitter-banned Astral wonders how and why Twitter advertising impressions relate to Elon Musk’s purchase of the platform. Also covered:

  • Why Musk balked on the Twitter deal—all just a negotiating tactic?

  • How selling social media impressions to advertisers—the backbone of the entire internet—is a fake enterprise.

  • Why Twitter is so much worse at monetizing ads than Facebook and Google.

  • Is Musk the Red Caesar that will conquer America?

  • Whether Cambridge Analytica actually helped Trump win.

  • Caesarism, Rome, and the power of the president.

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