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SPECIAL RELEASE 64. Israeli Settler Baruch Kogan

SPECIAL RELEASE 64. Israeli Settler Baruch Kogan

"We are in a War."

Rushing this one out to provide on-the-ground perspective of the Hamas attack in Israel, October 6th, 2023, on 50th Anniversary of the Yom Kippur War.

Just minutes ago, Israel officially declared war in response to a series of coordinated attacks on both civilian and military targets, along with a rocket barrage.

I’m joined by based Twitter friend and Israeli Settler Baruch Kogan. One of my favorite accounts, his wry commentary always makes me laugh. He's also a fascinating dude; he lives in a small Jewish settlement on a hill in Samaria, where he is currently posted up, attempting to better arm himself while protecting his family, and refusing to run away or back down.

He says that this is the most significant Israel incursion in two decades, and will have major implications for the current Israeli government and the world. How did this happen, and why now? He answers everything in the episode.

I previously appeared on his podcast


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