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45. Arthur Kwon Lee

45. Arthur Kwon Lee

The best "coming out as based" story I've ever heard

Cancelled fine artist Arthur Kwon Lee has one of the best "coming out as based” stories I’ve ever heard.

At the top of the art game in New York, represented by all the right people and having followed art world cursus honorum perfectly, he sits at a table with a diverse group of artists and a typical gatekeeper harridan in charge of shilling their work to her silver spoon rolodex of wealthy friends.

She proposes that he partner with a black artist for a BLM meets Stop Asian Hate crossover classic, certain to sell among her elite client list. He initially resists, stating that his art has nothing to do with his Korean identity; it’s more focused on traditional notions of beauty, strength, and power. He call himself “roof Korean numero uno,” a reference to my all time favorite aesthetic subculture.

We are all roof Koreans now

“No trust me, it’ll be perfect!” she says, “everyone will love it!”

Here, Arthur has a decision to make. Do you prostitute yourself for success, or does honor still have any value in this world? He chooses the road less traveled in glorious fashion, but I won’t spoil it. Listen to him tell the tale on this, episode 45 of The Carousel podcast.

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