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13. Astral

13. Astral

A literary analysis episode with The Harlequin of dissident lit

Astral joins me for episode 12 of The Carousel podcast. Creator of the powerful Astral Flight Simulation Substack and pod, Astral plays the role of dissident impresario: chronicler, connector, true believer. If BAP is Kurtz, Astral is The Harlequin.

Topics include:

  • Astral’s unique brand of comparative literary analysis. He creates his own independent academia.

  • The course of his ideological transformation from left to right after discovering Curtis Yarvin. How BAP’s vitalism pulled him out of a depression.

  • The longhouse and whether the correct term is matriarchy or gynocracy.

  • Astral’s fantastic piece THE DIGITAL HORIZON on culture’s gaze and whether there’s any hope for escaping a single global technocracy.

  • Woke advertising: why it happens and what it means.

  • The state of the dissident movement; whether anons have heart.

  • Or do they suffer from what we label The Beautiful Ones problem?

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