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7. Caleb Caudell

7. Caleb Caudell

Exploring our loose association of malcontents

“The idea of the outsider in the sense of brand identity versus being truly on the outside, not having any group at all.”

Writer Caleb Caudell plays outsider to an outsider movement. In this episode of The Carousel:

  • There’s grifters in any movement. How do you identify them? Should you?

  • The scrubbing away of human longing and its replacement by branding and products.

  • Individual freedom as a poor substitute for freedom of association.

  • The faux localism of multi-use commercial spaces in small American cities.

  • My sh*tty former editor at LA Weekly condemning my “voice of otherness.”

  • Condoms as “they.”

  • Body builders as Beautiful Ones.

  • Zero HP Lovecraft and the Passage Prize.

  • Mocking the insiders in the outsider group you’re in.

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Happy Independence Day from Montana!

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