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10. Katie Kahn

10. Katie Kahn

Alex Jonesing the new Alex Jones documentary

EPISODE 9: Katie Kahn joins me to critique Alex Lee Moyer’s new documentary on Alex Jones, Alex’s War. She attempts to convince me that it doesn’t go deep enough and largely succeeds. We also chat about dissident culture, inevitably gossiping about Red Scare, which is like the Godwin’s Law of 2022.

Topics include:

  • Katie’s personal knowledge of Bohemian Grove.

  • Alex Jones’ strange cast of supporting characters including protege Owen Shroyer and chief bullhorn operator Ali Alexander.

  • The stories the documentary omits, like Alex’s supplement shilling, alcoholism, new wife, recent divorce, and legal framing as a “performance artist.”

  • Comparisons to Netflix’s Get Me Roger Stone, which explored Stone’s penchant for orgies.

  • NYC and San Francisco reuniting after decades of cultural separation.

  • Osama bin Laden and why we had foreknowledge about 9/11 before it happened (Also mis-stating that Dar Es Salaam is in Sudan; it’s in Tanzania.)

  • Werner Herzog’s ability to reveal complex characters by letting the camera linger, and why Alex’s War doesn’t do that.

  • Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza’s ridiculous intellectual justifications: “efilism” and “eulavism” as discussed by Default Friend.

  • Sam Hyde’s recent massive trolling of YouTube dork iDubbbz.

  • Peter Thiel peoples’ transformation from the khaki-wearing uncool kids of San Francisco to the edgy culture warriors of NYC.

Follow Katie Kahn on Twitter or Substack. And here’s a cool article she wrote about Red Scare v. Call Her Daddy.

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