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14. Matt Forney

14. Matt Forney

The dissident OG describes his world adventures

Matt Forney. A name you’ve probably heard before. A dabbler in thought crime since 2012, Forney has been canceled many times including by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a mark of certain distinction.

Today, he’s largely disavowed his past and re-dedicated his life to more serious literary pursuits. He runs Terror House Press, a top publisher of dissident writing. He publishes sordid poetry about his adventures; a chapbook Sex Pest is forthcoming.

Many talk of escaping the American disaster, but Forney is one of very few who’s actually done it. Supporting himself through copywriting—hence The Carousel connection—he’s lived in Hungary, Georgia, the Philippines, Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, and now Mexico.

This episode covers his adventures as a remote freelance copywriter in these places in great detail. Topics include:

  • Getting trapped in Albania during lockdown and only being able to leave his apartment one hour a week, with only eight hours of running water a day.

  • The difference between Georgia and Armenia—why young people publicly cross themselves in both places.

  • North Macedonia: nation as truck stop.

  • Why Serbian women only like guys who play sports.

  • The hybrid tattoo parlor/restaurants of Budapest.

  • Mexico City sucking; Guadalajara the true cultural hub of Mexico.

  • His origination as a dissident thinker. His immersion alongside today’s big names like Curtis Yarvin, BAP, Delicious Tacos in early sites like 2 Blowhards, Roosh, Heartiste.

  • Pax Dickinson and the beginnings of cancel culture.

  • His first books Do the Philippines and Confessions of an Online Hustler.

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Terror House Press Twitter

Terror House Press Website

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