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2. Seed Oil Disrespecter

2. Seed Oil Disrespecter

Right branding and "good propaganda" led a doctor and his wife to become leaders of a movement overnight.

As a raw milk drinker, I try to avoid pasteurized milk in my coffee. Oat milk so effectively replaced it, there had to be a catch. Indeed there was. Spin around a box of Oat Drink Barista Edition and you’ll find it’s made of rapeseed oil, AKA canola oil.

Imagine guzzling canola oil straight from the bottle—totally disgusting, no matter how cute Oatly’s copywriting might be. Originally developed as engine lubricants, seed oils like soybean oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil, grapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil are unhealthy for many reasons.

Once you’ve been redpilled, the rabbit hole goes deep. At a bar in Athens a couple of years ago, I talked with a guy who sold industrial seed oil expellers. He explained that expellers are responsible for all the soy cake and seed oil that form the basis of globalist serf cuisine—“sustainable” meat and cheese replicas we’re supposed to eat to show how much we care. Business was booming.

The soy boy concept owes a lot to expeller pressed seed oils, as does “You WILL eat the bugs,” a mocking rallying cry against the World Economic Forum’s apparent plan to preserve “our global resources”—like meat, oil, and land—so the elites can have more of them.

Among the poison and propaganda, a hero arose. Last November, a young doctoral resident created a Twitter account. As a budding doctor already obsessed with the seed oil problem, he had toyed around with memes before.

“I had made the decision for myself that seed oils were going to be my main intervention,” says Twitter influencer Seed Oil Disrespecter. “This is the most significant change in diet. This is the primary food change that has led to so much disease and this is what I need to do for myself and for my wife and my daughter. And then I saw it hit Twitter.”

It was time to enter the fray.

“A lot of people were making accounts saying, ‘Oh I'm a hiking enjoyer and I'm a nature respecter.’ So I just married the two and wrote Seed Oil Disrespecter. And within the first 24 hours I had 1000 followers. I was like, ‘Oh wow, this is branding!’”

As his meme-craft improved, Seed Oil Disrespecter’s account grew past 40k followers. Vice, propaganda spreaders on behalf of those who want us to eat the bugs, of course painted him as a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Katherine Dee covered him in Unherd, and Killstream had him on as a guest. His wife built a following as Healthy Oil Respecter, offering a more normie-fied, mommy-blogger version of the same message.

On Killstream, he admitted to being vaxxed and having heterodox politics, which disappointed some factions of his growing following. Rumors started that he was in fact a corporate shill; an astroturfer for Silicon-Valley-insider startup Zero Acre Farms. Zero Acre Farms— “Let’s Give the World an Oil Change”—plans to disrupt big seed oil with creepy fermented oil of its own (the exact product details remain unclear). Did Seed Oil Disrespecter hijack the authentic anti-seed oil movement on behalf of the very corporate overlords it opposed?

I ask about these accusations and much more during the second episode of The Carousel podcast. I will admit that the audio is worse than seed oils because I’m still working on my setup. So if you can’t stand it and want to skip to the part where he talks about how to spread your message, it’s at about 42:00. And here’s his advice in easy-to-digest listicle form:

How to spread your message according to Seed Oil Disrespecter!

Hijack Humor. “What are people already laughing at? Be new and funny. The -er at the end of Disrespecter is kind of wrong. Having little mistakes here and there is funny [right now].”

Move with the Memes. “Memes are punk rock. Make sure you're not too stale and always switch things up. I'm a meme guy, so what do I do? I just steal other memes and reword them. Or I think of something new. It's very simple stuff.”

Use the In Between Times. “I do it in between things. You just look at your phone, I look at memes, I see one and I go, "Ooh, I can change that to a seed oil meme." I do it. I repost it. Done. It'll be minutes.”

Save Raw Materials. “As a meme person, I always save raw materials. I’m always thinking, oh, I can use that later. You just download it and open it in the Photoshop Express app.”

Make it Sticky. “Is it something that people remember? Does it stick to the wall? Seed
Oil Disrespect is a sticky name, it's funny. But the more you look into it, you're like, holy shit, it's true. People around the world are saying, ‘Disrespecting seed oils,’ and they might not even follow my account.”

Build a Squad. “My wife knows nothing about Twitter, right? She's not a meme war veteran and she doesn't get Pepe. We're married a little over 15 years. That first year of marriage, we were like buying vegetarian Morning Star nuggets and trying all sorts of different stuff. But within a year or so we learned about paleo, right? So that first year of marriage, we made a lot of changes. So one of the big changes we made was changing the oils that we were eating, the fats. So I told her, I got this thing going on, right? My Twitter is exploding. I was like ‘Hey, I'm the Seed Oil Disrespecter.’ She was always doing something on Instagram. Never anything too big. You know, you get 10 likes or whatever. Your bangers get 30. Because we were into this stuff, we're talking about this stuff, I was like, I'll make you an account. I said, Healthy Oil Respecter, but that was taken, or too long. So I was like, Real Oil Respecter. And it worked. So we both had these accounts, we're both doing it. And we just blew up.”

Make Lists: “We have the simple six [good oils], which is tallow, butter, ghee, coconut oil, real avocado oil, and real olive oil.”

Don’t Gatekeep: “I’m getting messages from people that are like, ‘Hey, you know, I'm not right-wing, and I've seen that the people are associating this with that.’ But you know, it's just food, right? And that's why I made posts today, like you can't gate keep this stuff.”

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