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20. Dan Baltic

20. Dan Baltic

Probing the line between art and propaganda with the exciting new author

On episode 20 of The Carousel podcast, I’m joined by Dan Baltic, author of the new novel Nutcrankr, released just yesterday by Terror House Press. He’s also the host of the fantastic New Write podcast and a hell of a shitpoaster in his own right.

Dan and I have quite a bit of overlap, being both trained lawyers and lapsed progressive half-Jews raised secular, who found our way to dissidence after a few sad attempts at professional writing via appropriate channels.

Nutcrankr is satire. It tells the tale of Spencer Grunhauer, a pathetic frog whose reality never quite seems to match up with what’s going on in his mind. I’ll leave most of my review to the episode, besides to say that I found it to be a unique, titillating, and thoroughly readable cultural artifact. A mirror of today’s clown world—even when the biggest clown is the protagonist himself.

Nutcrankr on Amazon

Dan Baltic on Twitter

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Terror House Press

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