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18. The Prudentialist

18. The Prudentialist

Manipulating procedural outcomes to get desired results

On episode 18 of The Carousel podcast, I’m joined by The Prudentialist, a highly-respected YouTuber and Substacker known for his meticulous-research and his calm, professional presence in the dissident sphere.

For the centrists and rationalists among you, The Prudentialist provides an accessible entry point for serious alternative discussion of the ideas and issues of the day. The already-initiated may view him as a based warrior shoring up the flanks with solid, consistent work and total knowledge not just of the scene, but of its source materials.

Topics include:

  • Tactics for sounding professional

  • Institutional capture and the misery porn propaganda of institutions.

    • The meaning of “manipulating procedural outcomes to get desired results.”

  • DeSantis’ Martha’s Vineyard move and Saul Alinksy.

  • The factors that differentiate this hegemony different from any before it:

    • Women

    • Abundance

    • Connectivity

    • Globalization

    • Lack of war

  • Modern man finding happiness only in the avoidance of death.

  • The impotence of political entry-ism.

Prudent Perceptions on Substack

The Prudentialist YouTube

The Prudentialist on Odysee

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