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12. Brett Craig

12. Brett Craig

One of the craziest stories in advertising history.

On episode 11 of The Carousel Podcast, I’m joined by the ultimate disgraced propagandist: Brett Craig.

Brett’s story is one of the craziest, most infuriating, and most illustrative stories not just in advertising, but in all modern culture. A real-life Don Draper cancelled at the peak of his (or anybody’s) advertising career—Chief Creative Officer of Deutsch. He tells the tale from beginning to end, packing in insider detail only he could know.

  • How a new ideology began to creep into advertising around 2018.

  • The post-George Floyd environment in the agency world.

  • Being maybe the only outwardly Christian major-agency CCO in the country.

  • The Instagram post and email that got him cancelled.

  • His refusal to bow to the darkness.

  • His post-cancellation career, including working for Daily Wire and starting his anti-DEI Substack/podcast.

He’s a highly-intelligent self-made man from a blue collar background who cracked the 1%; an extremely rare based person who entangled himself deep in the higher echelons of the globalist culture factory. A must listen!

Brett’s Substack

Brett’s fantastic podcast, Adwoke

Brett’s Twitter

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