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22. Balenciaga Bulls*t

22. Balenciaga Bulls*t

Social media expert Natey Bakes joins me to discuss Balenciagagate, more World Cup virtue signaling, NHL trans fixation, and other attention economy stories of the day

On episode 22 of The Carousel podcast, social media expert Nathan Baker (@NateyBakes) joins me to discuss the recent Balenciaga controversy, various World Cup virtue signaling, NHL trans fixation, Tampax, and his experiences representing Twitter advertisers.

Here’s the tweet that launched the Balenciaga controversy, pointing out various ways the company seems to be sexualizing children and hinting at pedophilia.

The mainstream media’s “response” story, calling the whole thing absurd, which is a bit strange given that Balenciaga has already apologized and removed the campaigns:

Various World Cup virtue signaling at team country anthems:

England kneels “because inclusion is important”:

Germany covers its mouth:

Iran doesn’t sing album:

NHL trans tweet:

Controversial Tampax tweet:

Calvin Klein Creepy Banned Ad (Mistakenly referred to as Levi's on the cast):

YouTube link to show!

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