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86. Chris Gadek - Why Pharma Dominates TV

86. Chris Gadek - Why Pharma Dominates TV

Covid created a media buying monster

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Today I’m joined by returning guest and ad sales expert Chris Gadek to discuss the question on everyone’s mind, at least anyone who has turned on the TV in the past few weeks.

Why is every single commercial now a pharma ad?

Commercials during the NFL playoffs used to shill beer, cars, burgers, insurance. Now it’s 70-80% pharma ads—deeply uncomfortable arguments for everything from psoriasis and alopecia drugs to “the vaccine” itself.

According to Chris, the answer lies unsurprisingly in Covid. You’ll notice that the majority of these ads emanate from Pfizer. The big winners during the pandemic like Pfizer, Moderna, and others who “sold the tools” to the “disease gold rush” now face plummeting revenue. They’re attempting to close the gap by over-spending on the few mainstream channels guaranteed to reach the old people they can scare into buying their cures.

We also discuss what Chris calls The Age of Bullshit in the media buying industries.

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