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82. Auron MacIntyre

82. Auron MacIntyre

The Bud Light Argument

Everyone is celebrating our big Gay victory right now, and rightfully so, but let me briefly interrupt you with analysis of an older victory: Bud Light. Joining me is one of the brightest stars not just on the Dissident Right, but on the entire right:


We chat about his recent piece “Don’t End the Bud Light Boycott.”

The Total State
Don’t end the Bud Light boycott
Conservatives are constantly complaining about the left’s domination of culture, but they rarely take the actions necessary to make a difference. Corporate executives are acutely aware that offending…
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We argue (healthily) about Budweiser’s brazen attempts to buy the right back by bribing Dana White and Kid Rock, both of whom were platformed by Tucker Carlson for just such a purpose.

Dana White shills Bud Light on Tucker

Kid Rock shills Bud Light on Tucker

I suggest that perhaps Bud Light funding the Right’s yet-to-be-built patronage network could be a good thing, but Auron convinces me otherwise. Any true victory must, he says, adhere to his Four Factor Victory Test:

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