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66. Alaric the Barbarian

66. Alaric the Barbarian

Purveyor of Actual Banned Books
One of Dissident Review’s first publications: My Confession by Samuel Chamberlain

The Adderall-fueled writer’s room of the American left has decided, quite insanely, to make a propaganda initiative out of the notion of “banned books.” They know that Americans balk at the idea of burning and banning books, so Gavin Newsom et al are pretending that elementary schools eschewing 2SLGBTQIA+ manuals on how to give queer blowjobs are “banning books.” Very typical Alinksy-style opportunism. Of course, it is in fact the hegemonic left increasingly banning books they don’t like… while fake handwringing over banned books.

Here are just a few books that have been effectively banned via various underhanded methods, including acquiring copyrights only to destroy them.

  • Camp of the Saints

  • The Turner Diaries

  • Background to Betrayal

  • High School Race War by Harold Saltzman

Meet anon Alaric the Barbarian, founder of Dissident Review, publisher of genuinely dissident thought in many forms. One his projects is buying “banned” books and republishing them, making them readily available for sale.

He recently republished My Confession, by Samuel Chamberlain, a brutal and honest first-person non-fiction account of a cowboy killing people and scalping Indians for pay during and after the Mexican War of 1846-48. My Confession is the basis for Blood Meridian, but it’s original version had been largely lost to the public. A watered-down milquetoast edition was published in its place. But Alaric crowdsourced the costly purchase of an original edition, including Chamberlain’s drawings, and republished it. It is now available on Amazon.

Please enjoy our conversation about his project and more.

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