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60. Matt Loberstein - Rhizal Shoes

60. Matt Loberstein - Rhizal Shoes

Raw Dogging the Ground

Another day another based founder. Matt Loberstein built Rhizal Shoes, a “grounded” and “barefoot” shoe company after getting sick of shilling white label DTC crap and wanting to create something actually beautiful.

His shoes are the very definition of Anti-Synthetic Capitalism, the term now memorialized via The New York Times article which referenced WILL, Hestia Cigarettes, and I.

We also call the movement “The New Natural.”

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The brand name Rhizal comes from micorrhizal/rhizome, symbiotic relationship between roots, plants, fungi, and the earth.

The “Barefoot” footwear movement revives simpler shoe structures; it believes in enhancing muscles, bones, and balance via more direct contact with the ground.

The similar-but-distinct “Grounded” footwear movement ups the ante even further, citing electromagnetic reasons for direct terrestrial contact. Encasing feet in thick rubber is somewhat like a wearing a perennial foot condom we never take off. It separates from earthy natural connections that we’ve only just begun to understand.

Beyond all that, however, Rhizals actually just look really good and are super comfortable. See my review of them here. I’m not just saying that. They’re now lead off position in my shoe lineup. Perfect for summer.


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