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53. Alex Garner

53. Alex Garner

“Men have a way of measuring each other"

Alex Garner tweets as Alexander the Great. It’s a fitting name, because he reminds me of a roman legion commander, perhaps the modern Miami version.

A former Coca Cola employee and founder of the mixed-cocktail brand Yumix, he’s obsessed with the notions of tribes in today’s online/offline world. How do you evaluate someone’s character if you can’t see them in person? But how do you meet anyone interesting if everyone interesting is on Twitter? As Indian Bronson pointed out, and as I have personally experienced (with Indian Bronson himself), is that people in our world all have two names.

Alex and I discuss his project Guild of Greats (formerly Based Brotherhood), an attempt to build a tribe of high quality men manifested outside the mainstream. Designed to bring about a new sort of greatness.

The mission echoes other similar projects like Palestra Society and Exit Group, the latter of which I discussed with founder

on an earlier episode.

There is an overwhelming craving for war bands that can form and occupy islands outside the polluted mainstream. Then to use those islands to build both alternative economies and to use as launching points for raiding missions against the seemingly unassailable forces of globalism. This project necessarily implicates capitalism itself, as entrepreneurships is one of the few areas where genuinely dissident activities are still allowed (just ask Dissident Soaps). The only way to beat them is to outsell them.

A defector from the corporatocracy—a CPG cowboy, if you will—Alex sees tribal formation as the only way out. He talks about how to build both groups of men and the pipelines we need to support them.

YOUTUBE LINK HERE (it was originally a livestream we did a few weeks ago)

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