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51. Civil Rights Attorney David Pivtorak

51. Civil Rights Attorney David Pivtorak

If you want normalization, you don't get special treatment

By now you’ve seen the video of Armenian dads fighting Antifa on the streets of Glendale. If you’re curious about why, listen to this calm and rational Armenian mom describe how the school indoctrinates her children with extreme gender ideology. The dads showed up to voice their displeasure, they were confronted with the Regime’s shock troops: Antifa. One member is a convicted pedophile, which seems to be a common theme. Somebody save us.

A couple of years ago, an attorney named David Pivtorak decided to do something. Having grown up in the Soviet Union under communism, he could see the signs better than most Americans. He knew where this was headed. So he shifted his practice to do something courageous, something that very few other lawyers were willing to do: use the Civil Rights Act to hold woke entities accountable for discrimination.

Since it’s such a novel and heroic battle, David finds himself often in the news, including appearances on Tucker and Watters. Recent headline cases include:

The Civil Rights Act is marked as the moment the American Dream died—the beginning of the American global rainbow-flag empire—by Christopher Caldwell in his sensational The Age of Entitlement. The Civil Rights Act is now used to force formerly-capitalist organizations to operate the way the government wants. We live under this giant legal fiction called Civil Rights law which allows corporations to discriminate openly against whites, straights, Christians, and men, while simultaneously outlawing all discrimination. It is upon this glaring contradiction that David mounts his attack. He now faces open battle against the forces of darkness.

Join me as he talks about tangling with disparate impact, forced arbitration agreements, California’s insane woke environmentalists and much more.

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