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50. Paulos of Myth Pilot

50. Paulos of Myth Pilot

Perseus of the Public Square

Monsters are the heroes of our enemies.

On episode 50 of The Carousel, I’m joined by the enigmatic

, one of our best Substackers. explores the formation of contemporary myths, monsters, heroes, and egregores.

It’s not as esoteric as it sounds. Paulos bridges today’s headlines with something deep and profound, proving that today’s heroes and monsters are new manifestations of a ancient fight.

We discuss his sensational piece Heroes Rise // Monsters Fall. Something strange is happening to our public statuary—a strange, slithering, serpentine-feminine Medusa-signaling suddenly dominates the shapes of new work. Paulos reveals why it’s occurring, and how it embodies the larger battle in which we find ourselves.

We also cover a detailed retelling of the Perseus myth and its true meaning, harem cultures versus marriage cultures, and our own experiences with the supernatural.

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