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49. Wide Dog, Twitter Blue

49. Wide Dog, Twitter Blue

It's Never Over

Celebrated digital artist Wide Dog joins me for episode 49 of The Carousel Podcast. Mr. Dog won first place in the Passage Prize art category last year.

Last week, Wide Dog and I, along with a team of anons, released a speculative Twitter brand video for Twitter Blue called “It’s Never Over.” It received over 100k views in an hour, and now has over 250k.

Watch it on Twitter here

It’s purpose? A salvo against woke marketing; proof that talented anons can create beautiful, effective propaganda in our free time. The fact that it celebrates those who actually love and need Twitter most (as opposed to spreading far-left wing ideology) explains its popularity.

In this episode, we dive deep into the ideas behind “It’s Never Over,” as well as our experiences in the advertising world. We also cover how fellow based creatives can climb the ladder into mainstream marketing, make a lot of money, and be miserable.

Here’s a little manifesto I wrote for Twitter Blue - “It’s Never Over”

Here’s a few images from the cutting room floor.

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