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42. Inez Stepman

42. Inez Stepman

Smart person explains women to me

Today we have Inez Stepman, a thinker I discovered recently and am incredibly impressed by. Her gender analysis is rooted in Red Pill theory—she admittedly came up reading Chateau Heartiste—and she’s the first woman I’ve ever heard bring up the concept of hypergamy.

She joins Peachy Keenan and Aimee Therese on the Mount Rushmore of Female Dissident Right (FDR), although I’m not sure she would agree with this characterization. She’s got a JD from UVA and now works for the Independent Women’s Forum, a right-leaning think tank which recently filed an amicus brief arguing against the U.S. Women’s Soccer absurd pay discrimination lawsuit.

Stepman can cover an immense amount of ground very quickly. Our convo covers Biden’s recent pro-ESG veto, Lochner v. New York’s impact on feminism, John Calhoun’s Beautiful Ones experiment, and how school choice can serve as a patronage system for the contemporary right.

Inez on Twitter

Her podcast High Noon

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