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39. Last Things

39. Last Things

The Deterritorialization of Everything Holy

Last Things takes a spin on The Carousel for episode 39.

Fantastic video essayist, podcaster, and conversationalist, Last Things analyzes our broken culture via popular movies and TV. His beliefs that "horror is fundamentally right wing" and that "the left can't see, the right can't speak," have become insightful memes.

We cover much, but our conversation focuses on one key theme: how critical art, in the form of works like The Boys and Black Mirror, is captured and converted into propaganda by the very regime it seeks to critique. Deleuze labels a variation of this process "Deterritorialization" and "Reterritorialization"—how anything genuine is hollowed out and sold back to us with nothing more than the mask of what it used to represent.

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Writer Isaac Simpson explores the world through the lens of modern propaganda.
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