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35. Ryan Zickgraf

35. Ryan Zickgraf

Dissecting ID politics with the avowed leftist

Please welcome journalist Ryan Zickgraf to The Carousel.

Zickgraf writes for Compact and Jacobin from a leftist perspective, and occupies the leftward fork of the horsehoe directly across from me, and from whence I came.

I found him via his interesting NFL article in Compact, “It’s Not Your Grandaddy’s NFL,” which I see as a companion piece to my “The NFL’s Eggshell PR Problem.

We also share in common a background in city journalism, him with The Chicago Reader and WaPo as an Atlanta correspondent. He was cancelled(ish) from the Reader after a woke takeover.

We talk about Perry Abbasi’s attempted cancellation by the Reader, sports gambling, Mobile, Alabama, and why and how corporations woke wash labor abuses away.

Ryan on Twitter

Ryan’s Substack The Third Rail

Ryan on Authory

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