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32. Athenian Stranger

32. Athenian Stranger

The father of a new kind of classical education

Higher education appears to be a lost cause. It’s shirked its responsibility to teach the classics or even hard skills like, you know, “writing.” Explore the sentence structure of a Berkeley grad, any Berkeley grad, and tell me if you disagree.

Twitter anon Athenian Stranger builds projects and hosts spaces to help educate followers on the classic books. In doing so, he provides both EXIT and RETVRN for young people interested in learning about the real history—not the woke revisionist one—of their culture, the Western tradition.

In this episode, we dissect four chapters from Thus Spake Zarathustra. If you want to read along with us, here are the chapters in question:

We don’t just chat about Nietzsche broadly. We dive deep into each of these chapters, into their nuances, references, and annotations, to discover what Nietzsche truly means. Athenian impressively unpacks each in all its glory.

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