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31. Bennett's Phylactery

31. Bennett's Phylactery

On Doxxing and God

No one better encapsulates the plight of the right than Bennett's Phylactery AKA Kevin Dolan.

A famous Mormon Twitter anon, he was doxxed by a "ring" of activists and fired from his prestigious consulting job. The doxxers drew out the process for maximum pain, revealing all sorts of personal information and aiming for total destruction of a man for nothing but a few humorous sh*tposts.

They did not succeed. Dolan responded by founding Exit, a group for men working to build careers and families outside the mainstream economy. And it's working. Who wants to constantly bow? Who wants to constantly censor themselves for fear of targeted financial destruction?

By far my most spiritual episode, we chat about his doxxing, God, the longhouse workplace, and the four Christian tribes of early America as described in Albion's Seed.

Exit Group

Bennett's Phylactery on Twitter

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