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30. The Distributist Dave Green

30. The Distributist Dave Green

Exploring the Boston Brahmin genealogy of our leftward marching Cthulhu

The Distributist AKA Dave Green is one of the top thinkers of the populist right. I describe him as Yarvin Lite: he effectively conveys boundless knowledge and earthshaking redpills to the common listener in ways that betray true genius mixed with the genuine desire to effect positive change.

His YouTube livestreams and video essays are long and dense, yet somehow completely addictive—his 4 hour Lessons from 2022 took me through a long hike and a long drive and I still didn’t want to get out of the car when I got home.

Our conversation centers around our leftward marching Cthulhu and its Boston Brahmin genealogy. We also cover eunuchs, the longhouse, the wave form of populist reaction, and Yarvin’s definition of “victory.”

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