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29. Peachy Keenan

29. Peachy Keenan

Domestic Extremist

On episode 29 of The Carousel podcast, I’m joined by based firebrand Peachy Keenan. We talk about her conversion from Sex in the City atheist to based mother of five.


Peachy Keenan. Tweeter of bangers, writer for American Mind, and author of new book Domestic Extremist: A Practical Guide to Winning the Culture War. A machine gun of deft insights and genuinely funny one-liners, Peachy is a must-follow in our scene for spicy takes on the news. But that’s not all, she also provides genuine policy analysis grounded in political philosophy and, of course, laced with her trademark razor wit.

Pod appearances?

Your best tweet of all time, at least in terms of engagement, I believe you’ve said was something very banal. Remind me what it was and how you conceived it, and the sort of attention it got you?

Which types of tweets are your true favs? Fav accounts?

The Peachy Keenan brand—why Peachy Keenan? What’s your pfp? Why burning tires?

Twitter growth

You’ve said women need to be anti-feminists. What does that mean exactly?

Forest Passage quote: In times of still greater danger the salvific power must be sought deeper, in the mothers. This contact liberates primal forces, to which the mere powers of time cannot stand up. Why did you choose to begin your book with this?

Domestic Terrorists—when did US govt say that and about what exactly?

Branding the book cover.

Who is publishing it?

What is its ultimate advice?

The overwhelming question I want to ask when reading your stuff is at what moment did this RW consciousness begin in you? How did it form and develop? Were you an outcast? Or always sort of having an inner and outer perspective?

“For better or worse, I was raised as a fairly spoiled, totally secular, suburban American princess, and outwardly, I haven’t changed that much.”

Do you actually think you could live in a deep red place?

How did you form the narrative of the book? How is it divided?

Your writing is smart and punchy, clever and full of perfect stats and insights said in the perfect way. Was this a skill you honed? Or does this stuff just come out naturally. Did being a copywriter help (not sure if you want to mention this).

Ex: “My name is Peachy Keenan, and I am a domestic extremist. Unless you feel violently threatened by monogamous breeding pairs or large families, my use of the term “domestic extremist” has exactly zero to do with violence. You can call off the no-knock raid. Tell the guys at the CIA black site they won’t have to prep my gulag cell. My waterboarding will have to wait. A note to my CIA readers: if you must waterboard me, I prefer Fiji. Do not attempt to waterboard me with tap water, or—shudder—Aquafina.”

How do we keep it from seeming like we’re just complaining all the time?

What I mean is, how do we differentiate between reaction against versus an idea that’s springing from the natural way things should be? This “satanic elites” stuff can start to get exhausting after awhile, even if it’s entirely true.

Ex: “Guess what? You already know what to do! To become a domestic extremist, all one must do is listen closely for the ancestral longings that lurk in the heart of every human being. As you listen, dormant instincts may rouse themselves from slumber. Pay attention to them—they will lead you out of the barren wasteland that stretches before us!”

You’ve talked about our current society having lost the purpose of being a woman. What do you mean by that? What is the role of a female creator in our world?

“Masculine republics give way to feminine democracies, and feminine democracies give way to tyranny.” Aristotle

You as a creator: what’s your process? What role does your husband play, eg editor, cheerleader, etc?

Do you get annoyed by people asking you to talk about mother stuff all the time, or is that exactly the point ?

You reached this interesting point with Kaschuta where you were both sort of saying you didn’t have a choice to have not gotten married in your twenties, that doing that would seem like a dream. Why do you say that?

Final question from my wife: how do you not hire help?

Peachy on Twitter

Peachy’s book Domestic Extremist

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