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27. Bog Beef

27. Bog Beef

Bant King

On Episode 27 of The Carousel Podcast, my subject is Bog Beef—populist commentator and co-host of The Good Ol’ Boyz podcast.


This episode will be a lot about labels, so let me try to label my guest. Bog Beef: Bant King. Good Old Boyz, hosted with Maarek, the finest prestige bantcast in the game. 

You guys do everything from cover the news of the day (with well informed color commentary on every imaginable topic from car culture to Schopenauer), to analyze X Files episodes, to host famous thinkers like Curtis Yarvin and Auron MacIntyre. All from a right wing, southern, and populist perspective that’s somehow simultaneously big brained.

  • How does the bant label suit you? 

  • How about populist? You’ve called yourselves populists, but then also mentioned that the label is often misunderstood. You once called it a technique like ju jitsu.

    • v. Elite Theory

  • Dixie Nationalist?

    • SEC fan?

    • I went to Tulane law, had a totally naive view of the south before I came down. Northern perception of the South versus reality.

The Good Ol’ Boyz Brand

  • How did you decide on Good Ol’ Boyz name/brand?

    • Beer snap at beginning of episode. 

    • What about Bog Beef?

      • Stricture: A washed up private dick, alone in a city of sleaze.

      • You don’t talk overly much about yourself, but you said you knew Auron McIntyre since before he had a Twitter account. How did you come up?

  • Why is Good Ol’ Boys Twitter handle with a S?

  • Quick overview of Good Ol’ Boyz Universe. “Radio” eps, “podcast” eps, livestreams, X files episodes, etc.

    • What’s monetized and what isn’t?

The Business of Good Ol’ Boyz

  • On at least one show, you had an ad for something called BC Powder. I couldn’t tell if it was a joke or real. Do you actually sell ads and how is that going if so?

  • What platforms are you on and which work and which don’t?

  • You audience. How many people make to the end of the episodes? How many listen versus how many subscribe?

  • Patreon—is that your bread and butter for monetization? Or are you also doing stuff on YouTube, Twitch etc. 

Dirty Tricks

  • Great convo you had on New Write where you’re defending “if you’re not cheating you’re not trying,” while others try to defend honor in the context of Bloodsport.

    • “You have a duty to cheat if you’re really trying.” 

    • Chris Rufo, Alinsky, Machiavelli, Weasel words.

  • Question is: with the Bloodspot of podcasting, what won’t you do?

    • Buying followers. Buying downloads. Fake PR. Fake controversy.

    • Stories of the lengths people go to promote stuff.

  • Anon v. Not

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